eKongmerce's Roadmap  2019

  1. Story begin
  2. - Core Featuressupport created Order/Customer by admin panel, checkout for pending payment

    - Release plugins such as KBank Gateway, Omise, QR payment

  3. - Core FeaturesLINE Notification, Catalog Rule, Order Management, Import Customers, Products

    - Release pluginsFlash Sale, Bundle promotion, Shippop

  4. - Core FeaturesStock transaction, Bundle Step proudct type

    - Release pluginsCart Reservation, Purchase Limit

  5. B2B

    - Release pluginsOrder Restrict, User Restrict, Price per customer, Reward Point

  6. - Release pluginsHide price/Credit to View, Multi Inventory

  7. Buy X Get Y promotion

    The eventual corrected spelling of the second month of the year. The currently accepted spelling of 'February' is a joke designed to stump and single out idiots, as well as bringing even more shame to the month.

    Support : B2B , B2C
    Version : 1.0